Hens with Pens - Cultured, Chic and a just a little bit Cheeky! Hens with Pens - Cultured, Chic and a just a little bit Cheeky!

Congratulations! You have found Hens with Pens and this is your first step to booking our clucking fabulous hen party event!!

Fancy doing something a little bit off-kilter on your hen party that everyone will remember for many years to come then you have come to the right place!!

Hens with Pens is artist-founded and run are on a mission to bring fun and fabulous themed life drawing to your event.

Organisers of Hen party events for over 50,000 happy hens

Hens with Pens have received rave reviews for these party events. People love to do something a bit different in the run-up to their nuptials, so inviting everyone to a Hens with Pens event is perfect and it is suitable for people of all ages.

At our events, everyone gets the chance to try life drawing as well as join in all the fun and party antics Hens with Pens provide along the way. And don`t worry if a lot of your party are complete amateurs at drawing, that`s not the point of it at all, the point is to have great fun in participating and joining in. It really is clucking marvellous and all will enjoy it immensely.

All of tutors & models at Hens with Pens are well-versed in bringing imaginative party ideas along with them to all their group events, so all you have to do is turn up and throw yourself into all of the fun... why not bring a G&T!?

The Emphasis Is On Having Fun

All our teams have experience of working with LBGTQ groups as well as all our fabulous hens so whoever you are you will be made most welcome and I am sure you will have a ball. The emphasis at all these hen party events, or any other party event, is to just let yourself go and have some fun.  You will be talking about it and laughing about it for many years after!

We have staff in almost every county! Our models, tutors and togs each have a travel radius around their resident location meaning we can span into even more locations! Isn’t that just clucking crazy?

We’ve created a funky little map for you to see just how many models, tutors and togs we have nationwide.