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Wanting something a little different for your event, maybe you've got a mixed age range or are unsure about unleashing your inner artist, maybe you're looking for an activity that will get you all up and moving! Why not Come Dance with Us?

How does it work? So after booking with our friendly admin team, who are on hand to guide you through the entire process, our team will give you a call the week of the party to say hello and learn a bit about your personalities in the group and any surprises or themes you've got planned so that we can pitch the party accordingly. Whether you're into salsa, hip-hop, burlesque, or any other dance style, our expert instructors will tailor the session to match your preferences and skill levels. From beginners to experienced dancers, everyone can join in the fun and learn something new. Come Dance with Us is not just about learning choreography; it's about letting loose, embracing your inner dancer, and celebrating the bride-to-be in style. Our dance sessions are designed to be inclusive and welcoming, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and empowered to showcase their moves!

In terms of venue, we can either look at hosting in one of our partner venues - if requested we'll send you a list and their pricing and then we can check their availability and book them for you based upon your choice (this is charged on top of the prices above and we include £50 venue admin fee) or we can come to any venue of your choosing. Your hotel is usually a good place to start some will charge you a room hire fee and some won't as you'll be using their bar so it really comes down to you asking them but we can supply PL insurance doc to them if required. 

We have a variety of options below and if you'd like more information you can request a quote or give one us a call and we'll be happy to chat.

*Small But Mighty parties are restricted to 6 guests or less. A rural travel fee may apply.


Small But Mighty! (90 mins)

Especially for small groups of 6 or less, you will have 90 mins with your model/tutor. Your group will have a choice of party type; Bare Bones, Let's Get Arty, Blended Life Art or Come Dance with Us. Unless otherwise requested the model will be nude for life drawing. This will be game or activity led by the team.


Come dance with us! (90 mins)

Youll have 90 mins with one of our professional dance instructors teaching you how to do the moves for a dance style of your choice, ranging from Latin and Salsa, through Burlesque and Dirty Dancing to Cheer Leading and more formal ballroom dances. We can create a theme for the hour allowing you to bring perhaps 'Strictly' or 'Flash Dance' to your special weekend. Our dance parties are full of energy and fun and a great complement to our drawing and painting packages. *Regional restrictions apply